ChitaleBandhu launches BINGEBAR with innovative digital campaign and offline activation


Bingebar â„¢ will provide the convenience of snacking on traditional Indian namkeens without compromising taste Pune, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India ChitaleBandhu, an 82-year-old company with a rich heritage in making iconic candies in Maharashtra, announced today ‘ hui the salty snacks segment with the launch of the BINGEBAR â„¢ brand. The digital campaign kicked off in the most eccentric way where the brand played a prank on its customers with a sign-up teaser that made it known that a new “Bar” is coming to Maharashtra. Later, the brand unveiled the very first BINGEBAR â„¢ by unveiling the official logo as well as the commercials for each product on all social media platforms.

To reach the target audience both online and offline marketing channels have been tapped. Offline channels have focused on consumer feedback, which is the essence of BINGEBAR â„¢. Free samples were given to consumers via Zomato deliveries and in person by actors disguised as Bhelwallas. An online pre-launch campaign brought together influencers who encouraged their followers to sign up to receive free samples on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The product is promoted using both online and offline channels effectively. Exclusive brand films and brand explanations with catchy music for each flavor are also shown on multiple channels to create a high recall for the FCMG brand.

Mr. IndraneelChitale, Managing Partner, Chitale Group, said: “We are delighted to launch the first-ever BINGEBAR â„¢ digital campaign which aims to raise awareness of popular Indian namkeens made into a single-serving, convenient-to-eat product. At ChitaleBandhu we are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of products and entering a whole new category of salt bars our goal is to bring comfort to our customers where they can eat their traditional snacks anywhere , on the go. To reach young audiences, we have ensured that an optimal mix of online and offline campaigns is adopted. Quote from Dhanashree Jere, Group Account Manager, Wit and Chai, “ChitaleBandhu’s all new BINGEBAR â„¢ completely reinvents the way Indian namkeens are eaten. The convenience of the product is more appealing to the younger generation, so all brand communication has been designed to appeal to said category. The overall marketing strategy uses a mix of digital and offline channels that focus on creating a recall and testing of top-of-the-list products. The brand launched BINGEBAR â„¢ in a way that is both traditional and captivating. The sellers of Bhel distributed the product in the most traditional way with an urban touch. Vendors have gathered the public in the best locations in Mumbai like Carter Road and Dadar Chowpaty. The product is now available in Mumbai and Pune and also plans to expand into domestic and global markets.

Campaign links: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: channel / UCJLrp8f7nwMwirO1Xq-pPWg Website: About Chitale Group Founded in 1939, Chitale Group is one of Maharashtra’s largest and most admired conglomerates. It enjoys leadership and has a strong presence in sweets, dairy and namkeens and exports to countries all over the world like USA, UK, Middle East, Europe, l ‘Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with more than 400 distributors. It currently has 6 manufacturing sites, 21 full-fledged stores and 30 growing Chitale Xpress stores. Now managed by fourth generation partners, cousins ​​Kedar and IndraneelChitale, the Chitale group aims to increase the production of current ranges, the addition of product lines such as snacks, bakery, healthy products, products without allergens and vegan and herbal products which appeal to a wider audience not only limited to India but also globally.

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