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Many unpredictable situations can lead you to type the phrase “I need money now” in your search engine. An emergency surgery or unexpected car breakdown can make you desperate. When these things happen, you may be forced to take money from your savings. But what happens when you have insufficient enough money in your savings account? The only option will be for you to take out a loan. Will the traditional lender grant you that loan early enough to settle your issue? Traditional lenders will ask you to complete a lot of paperwork to get access to the loan. Even the completion of the paperwork takes time. Traditional lenders also ask for collateral which makes it difficult to access loans. Traditional lenders usually grant loans to borrowers with good credit scores only. If you do not have a good credit score and, you need the money now, then traditional will cannot help you out. Why don’t you rely on us to grant you that loan in the shortest possible time?

We will connect you to lenders who will treat your loan request with the urgency it deserves. Our loan request process is simple. You can complete the forms in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Once you have an internet connection, you can request for a loan. When you send in your loan request, our lenders will review the application and send their quotes to you. You will also be required to analyze the quotes and choose the one that you prefer. You are not obliged to find a moneylender. You can freely select any of the lenders who send you a proposal or quote. The quotes will include the total amount that the moneylender is willing to offer and the interest rate. You should base your selection on these two factors. You should choose a lender that is willing to provide you with the amount you need at a lower interest rate.

Loan Requirements

I Need Money Now
I Need Money Now

Some lenders may request additional documents. However, all our lenders expect you to meet these requirements. You must be of the legal age of 18, must provide a government-issued identification card. You should also an American citizen and/or resident, able to provide your social security details. You must prove your financial capacity to be a qualified candidate for a fast cash from our lenders. Our lenders will also ask for your contact details. Our lenders will also ask you for the details of your active bank account. You will provide these when completing the loan request form.

How Do I Know If My Loan Has Been Approved?

You will receive a notification if your loan has been approved. If the lender does not approve your loan, he or she will give you reasons why your loan request was not accepted. Some lenders may run brief credit checks on you before they approve your loan request. If you have a good credit score, your loan may be approved quickly. However, this does not mean borrowers with bad credit cannot access loans. We have lenders who grant loans to lenders with poor credit. Our lenders have given loans to most loan applicants. The loan will be transferred into your bank/checking account by tomorrow once your loan is approved. In most cases, there are no limits on how you should utilize the cash.

Loan Repayments

After you have received the cash, the next thing you should think about is how to repay the money. It is essential to carefully plan your loan repayments so that you will always have cash on or before your due date. The lender will discuss loan repayments and payment schedules with you. Payment schedules for these loans may vary. The schedule will depend on the type of loan you applied for. If you apply for a payday loan, you will have to make a one-time payment on your next payday. Payday loans are usually paid back in 30 days. However, if you applied for an installment loan such as a personal loan, the loan will be spread for an extended period. The loan term can last from two to five years. With installment loans, you will have to make monthly payments for a specific period.

Irrespective of the loan you request for, you should always repay your loan on time. Once you do not pay on or before the due date, you will attract a penalty. This penalty is usually a percentage of the loan you took. These fees are usually expensive. When you default on your loan, you do not only incur more debt; you also lose your credibility with the lender. It may even affect your credit score if the lender decides to report to the main credit bureaus. You may also not qualify for a loan when next you need a loan from our lenders. Loan repayments are convenient; you can pay into the lender’s account on the due date. If it is an installment loan, we recommend that you set up an automatic payment system. When you do this, you do not need to keep track of the due dates. The system will pay the loan on your behalf. You should, however, keep money in your account before the due date.

Credit Cards versus Online Loans

Some people will consider applying for interest-free credit cards when then need money urgently. Credit cards are good options you can access fast cash. However, credit cards can make you incur more debt when care is not taken. Zero interest credit cards have limitations. You will enjoy the zero interest for s specific period. If you are not able to clear the debt you have accumulated on the credit card before the grace period ends, you will pay huge interests on the debt. This can leave you in a debt circle. With online fast cash loans, you will know the amount you will be paying when the period is due, but with credit cards, you may end up paying more if care is not taken.

Loan Terms

We direct you to the most trusted moneylenders where there is no initial fees and charges. With that being said, everything will be discussed to the borrowers. Take note that the rates and fees are automatically included in the total amount of the loan. Always remember that a legitimate moneylender will never ask you to pay for any fees just to grant your loan. If a moneylender asks you to pay prior to the payment, discontinue the loan process immediately.  There are no hidden charges and fees when you deal with our network of moneylenders. Our only job is to link you to the most trusted moneylenders; we do not have any interference or involvement in their decision-making. We cannot interfere with a moneylender to approve or grant your loan. We do not guarantee that your loan request application will be granted or approved as the approval is solely based on your moneylender. We highly advise that you read the loan terms and conditions carefully. Some of our moneylenders offer discounts once you meet some specific requirements. 

Once you have provided all the required information via our loan request application form, you permit us to share that information with our moneylenders. Our official website is strongly protected with an advanced data encrypted technology. Provided that, your data and information are highly secured and safe with us. We also encourage you to read our privacy policy as well. 

I Need Money Now
I Need Money Now


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