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Need Cash for an Emergency?

Payday loans may be the only option if you encounter certain emergencies during financial crisis. If your car breaks down, you are obliged to fix it right away since you will need your car to go to work and other places. You cannot wait until you get paid at the end of the month before repairing your vehicle. After all, no one likes the inconveniences created by long hours on a bus hitching rides with colleagues. If you have a medical emergency that your health insurance cannot cover, you cannot wait until your next payday. You will have to get that health problem treated right away. If you get a notification from your utility company that your internet, electricity, or gas are about to be shut off, you must rack up the money to pay the bills even if you do not have the money. Many unexpected expenses may pop up within the month. These expenses may come up especially when you do not have money, and your savings cannot support you. You may need money for even food, and your fridge may be empty.

If you have any of these issues, we can help you out. We can connect you to direct lenders who will grant you loans. Our lenders make it easy to get a payday loan. Our website is designed in such a way that you can complete the loan application without visiting any lender’s office. A visit to our site is just like a visit to the lender’s office.

Our lenders offer the best payday loans because our lenders respond promptly to the request. Our lenders are also direct lenders, so you do not have to deal with intermediaries. Intermediaries charge agent fees when the loan is approved. We do not want the borrowers to pay extra fees before obtaining the loan. Our lenders do not base their approval decision on your credit score. However, the lender may run a brief check on the borrower’s financial history. Even though these checks may not affect the borrower’s credit score, some lenders do it to know the borrower’s credit background. Borrowers should also note that applying for a loan permits the lender to run those checks.

How to be Qualified for a Loan?

What Do I Need to Qualify for This Loan?
What Do I Need to Qualify for This Loan?

although our lenders may have different requirements, some requirements are requested by all moneylenders. You must be an American citizen and/or resident, and you must have a government identification card. Our lenders grant loans to only people who are 18 years old and above. At this age, the laws of the land allow you to take decisions without the consent of a guardian. A potential borrower should also be able to provide his or her social security details. You should also be able to provide a reliable phone number and email address. Your contact details are essential because the lender will need to contact you during the loan process. If you are not reachable, you may delay the application process.

You must prove that you have a stable job to be a qualified candidate. This requirement is one of the most critical requirements of the lender. This is because the lender wants to confirm that you will get the money to pay back the loan. With payday loans, the lender is at great risk because the lender does not request for collateral to safeguard the loan. The lender’s only guarantee will be the proof of the borrower’s income source. You must have an active bank/checking account since the loan will be paid into your account when it is approved

Is My Information Safe On the Website?

Some borrowers are reluctant to provide information when it comes to loan applications because they do not want to compromise their privacy. With us, you do not have to worry about the security of your information. Our website features advanced data encryption technology that protects your data at all times.

Loan Application Timeline

The process for the payday loan is straightforward. If you can provide the requirements mentioned above, you can fill up the application form. The moneylenders will go through your loan request and send their proposals to you. Any lender who sends in a proposal is indicating that he or she is willing to fund your loan based on the terms mentioned in the proposal. You can take the time to analyze all the proposals and choose the one that will be most convenient for you. Ideally, you should base your decision on the amount the lender is more than willing to offer a loan with the most competitive interest rates. The amount the lender is willing to grant is important because not all lenders are willing to offer you the loan amount you requested for.

When you are sure of the moneylender you want to negotiate with, you can contact the lender. The lender may request for additional documents, and when you provide them, the loan will be approved. It is essential to cooperate with the lender if you want to receive your funds on time. If you do not provide the requested details on time, the loan application may delay. 

Does The Lender Decide How I Use the Money?

Our lenders do not restrict how you should use the money. Once the money comes into your account, you do not have to provide explanations on how you used the money. You are also not forced to use the money in a way our lenders will suggest. You can use the cash in any way you want. We only advise that you do not spend the money lavishly. Spending the money that way will make it difficult for you to pay back.

Moneylender’s Rates and Fees

Our pool of lender initially discuss the interest rates and processing fees that come with the loan. As a money borrower, do not hesitate or feel shy about computing the rates, fees, and the total amount of the loan to make sure that you can repay the loan on or before its maturity date.

If a moneylender asks you to pay any fees and service charges beforehand, you must not and never accept the loan offer. Our only job is to connect you to a pool of the most trusted moneylenders so will not deal with middlemen and worse, fixers. Our moneylenders proudly discuss the total loan amount, fees, and rates that you will pay on the maturity date. Since the loan is done in the installment method, the moneylender will help you to decide the repayment interval schedule for the loan. for instance, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Loan Repayment Method

Our pool of the most trusted moneylenders will discuss the repayment interval schedule to the borrowers. Keep in mind with the repayment due dates because failure to pay on or before the date will lower your personal credit score and damage your credit history report. 

Loan Terms

Take note that we are not a moneylender, we have a network of the most trusted moneylenders and our job is to connect you to the perfect lender we think best suits your financial needs. With that being said, we do not have any involvement in your lender’s decisions. Having said that, we highly advise you as a borrower to read the loan terms and conditions carefully before accepting any loan offers and grants. If you have any questions about the loan process, please do not hesitate to ask the moneylender before you accept it.


Best Payday Loans
Best Payday Loans



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