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Getting to grips with your debts

VSome people are able to get their debts under control by reducing their monthly outgoings, maximizing their income and paying back a little bit extra each month. But for millions of Americans, the mountain they have to climb to deal with their debts calls for more extreme…

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How could a payday loan help me?

We’ve all heard of payday loans and seen the adverts for them, but most people don’t really understand what they are or why they might be useful. If you’ve wondered whether you could benefit from using a payday loan, here are the key benefits of payday loans to help you…

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If you find yourself in need of emergency funds and payday is a long way off, talk to us about payday loans before you do anything else. The main thrust of our business is to find someone reputable that you can borrow from, simply, comfortably and securely.

What Happens Next?
• We request some basic information from you online
• You wait a short while as we link to a willing lender
• The good news is the rest happens real fast
• Read our terms and conditions
• Accept to confirm you are happy to proceed
• Check your bank account and find your money

We have designed a simple and straightforward system, and it is fast because it is online. Once we verify you are aged eighteen or older, you hold US citizenship, you have a checking account (with a linked debit card), and you can prove you earn sufficient to repay us, our decision will be incredibly quick.
Mandello looks at each applicant individually, and we promise to give everybody an equal chance of securing a payday loan. We understand that it is urgent, so our response will be likewise, and we will let you know why if we decline your application.

Our Bridge to Next Payday
We set up in business precisely because we understand how you feel when an emergency strikes. You have tried everything possible to find the money quickly but to no avail. Perhaps it is to cover unforeseen medical expenses, or you spot the bargain of a lifetime and want to buy it. Coming to Mandello first is your best move ever. That’s because these are the challenges we aim to sort out. We call it our payday loan and it is as good as cash in hand, except we wire your money to your checking account.

When we approve your payday loan, it is on the basis that you will pay it back in full from your next paycheck. The last thing we want, is to see you caught in the revolving debt trap; we would much rather you remain in control of your finances. Tell us how much you want to borrow and leave the rest to us. All we ask is that you leave enough in your checking account to cover the loan and interest. If you tick the following boxes, you can apply right now online:
• Be eighteen or over and a US citizen
• Have a steady job and income to cover what you owe us
• Have a checking account to receive funds
• Hold a debit card linked to your checking account

Don’t worry about your credit rating. The people at Mandello are more interested in your ability to pay the loan back, not what happened in the past. At the same time, you could be fixing your credit record too. We really care about you as a person. This is why we offer you a fast and easy way to raise cash quickly. When that happens, you are already on your way to a better future, all thanks to your getting your finances under control with Mandello.

If you need to borrow cash until next payday, a loan through Mandello could be the perfect solution you have been seeking. We make it happen so quickly, and you could have the money when you need it most. All we ask is that you carefully check that you can afford to pay your loan and lending expenses from your next paycheck. One last word or two of advice – spend the payday loans we lend you wisely.

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