Plan to Boost Electric Vehicles in Arizona Gets Regulator Approval | Economic news


Driven in part by carbon reduction targets adopted around the world to address climate change, automakers are increasing production of electric vehicles to put millions of new electric vehicles on the road over the next several years.

The plan approved Wednesday gives utilities a goal of supporting 1,076,000 new passenger cars and electric light trucks statewide by 2030, as well as 3,830 medium-duty delivery trucks, 785 transit buses. and 1,425 school buses.

Without the help of utilities, the number of electric vehicles in Arizona is expected to increase to about 250,000 by 2030, TEP noted in comments to the committee. That is compared to the 28,770 electric vehicles registered in Arizona as of June 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Statewide benefit

The adoption rates in the approved plan were the mid-term recommendations of a study and draft EV plan commissioned by TEP and APS and released in March.

The report from consultancies Illume and Energy + Environmental Economics cited the potential benefits of rapid adoption of electric vehicles, including tariff designs that reduce peak loads and take advantage of periods of low-cost electricity, reliability increased network, lower costs to consumers, lower emissions and more. potential social and environmental benefits.


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